Comedy Juggling, Magic & Variety Show

“Thanks for being a part of our meeting… You were great, it really spiced things up!”UbiSoft

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Exciting Entertainment:

Comedian and Juggler Greg Frisbee will have you laughing out loud and keep you on the edge of your seat.

See and feel the excitement as you watch an incredible display of fire juggling – with Greg’s hands actually ON FIRE!

Listen for the laughter as a superhero rubber chicken ends up launched by a “Bazooka!”

Hard to imagine?
Better yet, it is hard to forget!

This show is highly adaptable to any audience and most any venue. The routines are 100% suitable for audiences of all ages.

You can TRUST that the content and comedy are 100% clean!

Give your audience more than a show, give them memories.

Give them Greg Frisbee!