Corporate & Stage Shows:

Presenting The Greg Frisbee Show: comedy entertainment with a new spin!

Corporate event entertainment and trade show entertainment that is unique and memorable.

With the talents and skills that Greg offers, you can see that this is not your typical juggling and magic presentation.

Blade juggling, amazing ball tricks and seemingly impossible escapes would all be entertaining enough.
Now, combine all of that with cutting edge comedy and you have an experience that will stick in your memory for a long time to come.

Want to have the CEO or an employee as the STAR of the show?
There are many opportunities in the audience participation parts of the show.

You’ll cheer as one hapless volunteer stands center stage and manages to spin large rubber balls in a variety of ways.

Are you looking to attract traffic to your trade show booth in an original and highly visual way?

Greg Frisbee will be sure to draw attention, making it easier for you to gather prospects and leads.

Greg can customize the entertainment to fit your company logo, product or message making the corporate event a one of a kind.

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